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Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray

Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray
Brand: Cetrigen

Cetrigen Spray is formulated to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds on cattle, dogs, horses and sheep. It is ideal as a first line defence in an emergency or as a maintenance product to protect wounds during healing.

Cetrigen contains:

  • Antiseptic to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds and protects wounds from infection
  • Two powerful insecticides to repel insects, protecting wounds from insect-associated damage
  • Purple dye to ensure full wound coverage

Withholding period: Meat - do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Cetrigen Spray

Cetrigen Spray

Some sizes or styles are temporarily out of stock:

  • Trigger Spray 500ml

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