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Vets Best Rewards Pet Treats & Sprinkles

Vets Best Rewards Pet Treats & Sprinkles
Brand: Vet's Best Rewards

Disclaimer : Treats are not a complete food and should not be used to replace the main meal.

Vet's Best Rewards Pet Treats are made only from certified human grade Australian lamb/sheep liver and contain no additives or preservatives. Oven-baked to perfection with that irresistible taste of real liver and high in quality protein and B group vitamins, these tasty yet healthy treats can be given to your pet dog or cat as a training aid, show-ring aid or simply as a reward for good behaviour.

The treats make no-mess feeding easy – simply break off thumb-sized pieces and feed by hand. Available in convenient resealable 120g and 500g zip-lock packs.

Vet's Best Rewards also come in a granulated "sprinkle" form for fussy eaters. Just a couple of shakes on your pet’s food will turn an everyday meal into a tasty treat. Available in 100g shaker tubs.

Vet's Best Rewards Treats

Vet's Best Rewards Treats

Vet's Best Rewards Sprinkles

Vet's Best Rewards Sprinkles
100g - $7.86 Quantity:

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